Child Support Helpline – 0843 487 1835

Child Support HelplineThe Child Support Agency (CSA) manages the provision of financial support for children whose parents or guardians are no longer together. The paying parent does not live with child full time, whereas the paid parent can be the other biological parent or another guardian such as a grandparent who is primarily responsible for the care of the child and lives with them.

In certain cases older children can also qualify for support payments and some older children can apply to receive the payments themselves. For help working through the process, determining qualification or with an existing claim, claimants should call the Child Support helpline number.

Older & Newer Claims

The residential location of the claimant and age of the claim determine which Child Support contact number should be called. The CSA website can help claimants determine which office is local, and there are different office numbers for claims started prior to 2003. There is also an online form that can be used for questions regarding cases started prior to 2003

Child Support HelplineRecent & New Claims

To file a new claim, parents should call Child Maintenance Options to determine which option is best for the circumstance and get help filing the new claim. It is important to note that Child Maintenance Options cannot discuss existing claims, only help establish new ones.
For a question about a recently made claim, claimants can call the number they were given over the phone at the time of application, which is also printed in the welcome package sent in the post and on any other correspondence from Child Maintenance.

Employer Information

In cases where payments are deducted directly from the paying parent’s employment income, employers may have questions about the payment or difficulties setting it up. In this case, employers should contact the Child Support phone number for the Employer Helpline managed by Child Maintenance Services for assistance.