Child Support Payment Rates

Child Support Payment RatesChild support covers the cost of bringing up children, whose parents have split. Both parents are legally responsible to pay for the day-to-day care of the child, and the parent not living with the child is obliged to pay to the parent with whom the child resides. The Child Support contact number help explain this every day. 

Child Maintenance Support (CMS) fixes the liability of the paying parent. The latest scheme that laws down the rules and regulations, including the child support payment rates, is the 2012 Child Maintenance Scheme. Payments for child support are made weekly.

How is the Amount Fixed?

The amount of maintenance payable to support the child depends the gross income of the paying parent, the number of children for whom the parent is liable to provide support payment, whether the care of the child is shared with the other parent, and any other special circumstances related to the care of the child. 

What are the Child Support Payment Rates?

Depending on the factors mentioned above, any one of the five child maintenance rates will apply – nil rate, flat rate, reduced rate, basic rate including ‘basic rate plus’ and default rate.

Nil rate is applicable for those in prison, people under 16 years of age, and people under 19 years of age in specific circumstances.

The flat rate is currently £7, applicable for parents with gross weekly income less than £100 a week, and or receiving certain benefits.

The reduced rate of maintenance is applicable for those whose gross weekly income is between £100 and £200. The liability is £7 for the first £100 of the income, and a specific percentage, ranging from 17 percent to 23.8 percent of the excess income, depending on the number of children for whom the parent is liable.

The basic rate of maintenance applies to paying parents with gross weekly income of more than £200. The liability is a specific percentage of the gross weekly income, again depending on the number of children for whom the parent is liable. 

CMS impose a default child support payment rates of £39 per week for one child, £51 per week for two children, and £64 per week for three or more children, if they are unable to get information about the liable parent’s gross weekly income.

CMS has an online maintenance calculation tool that makes explicit the liability. It is also possible to contact the CMS helpline to know the child maintenance support rate and liability for a specific income level.